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Quest items in Ashen are called artifacts. Artifacts for Side Journeys you aren't on can be found at any point and used to complete them later.

Aho's Lockbox[ | ]

This small, sturdy chest has been in Jokell's family for generations, and has held many a carefully secured secret in that time.
"As a child you think you know your family. As an adult, you realise just how wrong you were." - Jokell
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Ake's Lure[ | ]

Every Whispers child learns to fish before they can talk. Upon their first catch, they are given a lure, a sign of their unique value to the tribe.
"Out there, if you don't learn to fish, you don't get a chance to learn much else." - Eila
In-Game Description

Archive Tablet[ | ]

An ancient stone tablet upon which the Seers recorded the last days of nation. The Seers desperately studied the power of spun shadow in the hope of discovering a way to endure the oncoming age of darkness.
"We Seers of Lathyrus understood the need to bestow our wisdom upon those who would follow, even as darkness fell upon them." - Amara
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Bataran's Hammer[ | ]

An ashsmith's hammer, forged when the Listeners held this world in the palms of their great hands.
"Bataran may well be the last master ashsmith in existence." - Amara
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Bataran's Spark[ | ]

This ornate steel firestarter is made in the ancient Listener style. The etched runes tell of the Ashen's fall to the darkened plains.
"So much of what we knew is now buried in the ash.”" - Bataran
In-Game Description

Corb Bile[ | ]

The fearsome corb spews bile over its fallen victim as a way to soften the flesh and bone for easy digestion.
"Corbs may look like walking mountains, but they've got their tender bits like the rest of us." - Vorsa
In-Game Description

Cunning Pestle[ | ]

The dark black stone feels almost alive to the touch, like it has somehow absorbed the juice and blood of everything it has crushed over the aeons.
"Darkness is no more wicked than light. It is simply much older." - Silaren
In-Game Description

Einar Head[ | ]

Einar relied on their sense of smell and keen ears to hunt the darkened plains. Now that the light has given them sight, they are even more dangerous than before.
"I feel for these noble beasts. They hunt to survive just as we do." - Vorsa
In-Game Description

Fiske's Lure[ | ]

After surviving the darkness for generations, the return of the light has ignited an inferno of change and treachery among the peoples of fallen Lathyrus.
"Fishing alone is fine. No-one need hear you scream when the fangfish get ya." - Eila
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Flokir's Milk Teeth[ | ]

Whispers parents collect their child's baby teeth as they fall out, keeping them in leather bags such as this. The teeth are returned to the child on maturity.
"Your baby teeth remind you that growing up is strange and often painful." - Flokir
In-Game Description

Flokir's Toolkit[ | ]

A waterproof sack that rattles as you carry it. Heavier than it looks, a quick glance inside shows a bewildering assortment of tools and other tinkering paraphenalia.
"The Tinker in Residence of Lathyrus Palace once made a clockwork songbird for Princess Ishra that whistled a merry tune when she stroked its back." - Flokir
In-Game Description

Glowing Bone[ | ]

A human leg bone, partially overtaken by Forgone Fungus. There's something unsettling, insidious even, about how alive it feels to the touch.
"You can't truly appreciate your legs until they're gone." - Flokir
In-Game Description

Heartbone Rod[ | ]

As the light faded, the ancient Lathyrians forged these rods and placed them in their town squares as wards of truth and protection.
"Me Granny Nella taught me how to tell what's real and what's just made up guff." - Eila
In-Game Description

Hound's Tail[ | ]

Once tamed by ancient Lathyrians as hunting companions, the hounds fled into the darkness when Lathyrus fell. Lathyrian hounds thrive in both darkness and light, finding easy prey in deer and even the occasional Vagrant.
"What a delight to discover our loyal hounds still prosper. Perhaps I can persuade Vorsa to find me some pups to raise." - Amara
In-Game Description

The Human Heart of Lathyrus[ | ]

The Listeners welcomed humanity and taught them the ways of the world, helping to build their great city and create the Human Heart of Lathyrus. Once the Human and Listener Hearts were joined, the Lathyrian Seers used the Twin Hearts to bend the power of the light to serve all equally.
"It was up to we Seers to guard the union of the hearts. We failed." - Amara
In-Game Description

Kory's Lure[ | ]

  • Quest - Scum
  • Found -
Even in the third age of light, the people of the Whispers lived a hard life. Perched between a Listener conclave and the cold sea, they prided themselves on their ability to travel the waters, dragging innumerable strange creatures out of the depths.
"I earned me Lure when I was but three years old. Hauled up a fangfish and bashed it over the head with me pet rock" - Eila
In-Game Description

Lira's Cowl[ | ]

This cowl reeks of mildew and something more pungent, more sinister than any normal rot.
"Lira was wearing this cowl on the last day I saw her. I couldn't see her lovely eyes. They were beshadowed by that blasted fabric." - Flokir
In-Game Description

The Listener Heart of Lathyrus[ | ]

  • Quest -
  • Found -
When Gefn brought humanity into this world, the Listeners welcomed them. Together, the two peoples made the Twin Hearts of Lathyrus, and the Mother of the Deep joined them as a symbol of unity between Listener and Human. As darkness fell, such promises were soon forgotten.
"Amiren allowed her warm heart to become frozen with fear." - Bataran
In-Game Description

Message to Darkling Chief[ | ]

  • Quest -
  • Found -
Though the art of writing is rare among the survivors of old Lathyrus, parchment can still be made from animal hide, and a few are still taught the delicate symbols of High Lathyrian.
"It saddens me that few have maintained the arts of writing and making parchment. The darkness took so much from us." - Amara
In-Game Description

Mother Scale[ | ]

In the twilight of the second age, Gefn gave one of her scales to her Listener lover to commemorate the birth of humanity. As humanity prospered, the scale captured the light of his joy, storing it against the sadness of the oncoming darkness.
"I thought the Mother of the Deep was a myth. Mind you, I also once thought scag spit was a cure for itchy toes. Don't try it." - Eila
In-Game Description

Pot of Glue[ | ]

Despite the smell, glue made from fish is a valuable resource. Vagrants have long been able to render glue from the skin and bones of their catches.
"In my youth, I once stuck dried deer dung to a sleeping einar using a big dab of rafet glue. You should've seen it run when its packmates caught the scent!" - Vorsa
In-Game Description

Roamar Horn[ | ]

Those who succeed in bringing down a roamar are rewarded with many days worth of meat. Its horn, when powdered, serves as a purifying element in medicines and potions.
"Did you know roamar kill more people than scags? They're so slow, it's easy to forget that there's a lot of muscle under all that rocky hide and hair." - Vorsa
In-Game Description

Seeing Stone[ | ]

Lathyrian mystics prized these stones as tools for piercing illusions, curing diseases of the eye, and even preventing nightmares.
"Granny Nella always said we should try and get one of these seeing stones for the tribe, in case the Matriarch sent her people out to play tricks on us." - Eila
In-Game Description

Shield of Malik[ | ]

Jokell's ancestor, Malik, served the royal family at the end of the third age of light. Malik sought to use the Umbral Veil to rise up against King Omar. His failure stained his bloodline with a curse that even Jokell's family came to bear.
"I want no part of Malik's legacy. His memory brings me nothing but shame." - Jokell
In-Game Description

The Spinner's Cauldron[ | ]

When the Ashen fell from the Tree of Worlds, Sissna was the first of the Elder Dark to gain supremacy. In her cauldron, she brewed such potent shadows that even Riak and Ukkoto could not withstand.
"The three Elder Dark were born in the age before the light so their relics contain only the darkest of power." - Bataran
In-Game Description

Talon of Riak[ | ]

A talon from the hand of Riak the Nightstorm, eldest of the Elder Dark. Some believe Riak died in the first age of light, after a mighty battle with the younger Elder Dark. Sissna and Ukkoto.
"Your battle with Ukkoto was a mere tremor in the shadowed threads compared to the mighty roar of Riak." - Silaren
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Twin Hearts of Lathyrus[ | ]

The Heart of Lathyrus was the foci in the Tower of Gnomon. A reminder of golden days when Listener and Human lived in peace, the stone still glows with hope despite its long years in the dark.
"The Heart radiates with our united Lathyrian spirit.”" - Amara
In-Game Description

Ukkoto's Faceplate[ | ]

  • Quest -
  • Found -
Wreathed in an aura of darkness, this mask feeds upon the Ashen's light, yet remains as cold as the deepest of caverns.
"Your own true face is that which you see in darkness." - Ukkoto
In-Game Description

Vann's Notebook[ | ]

Written in High Lathyrian, Vann's writings are decipherable by very few in this beshadowed age of ignorance.
"My family treasured the arts of read and write. You'd be surprised what you can learn from the pages of another's life." - Jokell
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World Seed[ | ]

Though tiny, this strange seed vibrates with an inner life unlike anything you've felt from woven light or spun shadow.
"Even the smallest of lives may leave the largest of impressions" - Bataran
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