Ashen Wiki

Weapon Upgrading[ | ]

Weapons are upgraded by Bataran at his workbench. See the dedicated Weapons page for more detailed stats for each weapon.

Level Cost Materials
Broken N/A N/A
Normal Scoria500 N/A
Forged Scoria4,500 N/A
Ash Infused Scoria9,000 Sapient Moss x1
Ash Infused + 1 Scoria17,500 Sapient Moss x2
Ash Infused + 2 Scoria26,250 Sapient Moss x4
Ash Infused + 3 Scoria33,500 Sapient Root x1
Ash Infused + 4 Scoria41,000 Sapient Root x2
Ash Infused + 5 Scoria48,000 Sapient Root x4
Ash Infused + 6 Scoria54,000 Twin Sapient Root x1
Ash Infused +7 Scoria63,000 Twin Sapient Root x2

Potions[ | ]

Potions are brewed by Silaren at her workbench.

Name Cost Materials
Leechdraught Scoria250 White Sapote x1
Fire Kelp x2
Sturm Spirits Scoria250 Fire Kelp x2
Speckled Mushroom x1
Dwale Scoria250 Speckled Mushroom x2
White Sapote x2
Dulling Tonic Scoria250 Apple Cricket x1
Bean Grub x1
Trembling Panacea Scoria250 Apple Cricket x2
Lingonberry x1
Innervating Nectar Scoria250 Lingonberry x1
Bean Grub x1

Spears[ | ]

Spears can be crafted by Vorsa at her workbench. They are crafted in batches of 9.

Name Cost Unlock
Bone Spear Scoria200
Prophet's Standard Scoria750
Spear Head x1
Timeworn Spear Scoria1,750
Spear Head x3
Side Journey (Vorsa - Vitnir)
Crackling Spear Scoria3,500
Spear Head x5
Side Journey (Vorsa - Mountain)
Shield Maiden's Spear Scoria5,000
Spear Head x7
Side Journey (Vorsa - Clarity)
Predator's Javelin (NI) Scoria4,500
Spear Head x6

Lanterns[ | ]

Lanterns are crafted by Flokir at his workbench.

Name Cost Ash Lumens Lumens Learned
Tinker's Lantern N/A 600 N/A
Listener Lantern Scoria7,500 1800 Side Journey (Flokir - Cache)
Lathyrian Lantern Scoria16,600 3000 Side Journey (Flokir - Sister Mine)

Crimson Gourd[ | ]

The Crimson Gourd's max charges can be increased by Jokell at his workbench.

Swigs Swigs Cost
3 N/A
4 Scoria1,600
5 Scoria2,700
6 Scoria5,750
7 Scoria11,750
8 Scoria22,000

The amount of health restored can be increased by Eila at her workbench.

Potency Potency Cost
Health 75 N/A
Health 104 Scoria1,300
Health 133 Scoria3,250
Health 162 Scoria6,000
Health 191 Scoria9,500
Health 220 Scoria14,000
Health 249 Scoria19,250
Health 278 Scoria25,250
Health 307 Scoria32,000
Health 336 Scoria39,250
Health 365 Scoria47,250