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Hostile[ | ]

Vagrants[ | ]

Those humans and listeners that survived the end of light became vagrants. They are capable of using the same weapons as players, including spears. They often hide behind doorways, waiting to strike the first person to walk through. One should always mind their corners in Vagrant territory. Additionally, they occasionally carry explosives, charging the player and damaging both friend and foe in the process.

Bral[ | ]

Bral[ | ]

Light-eating creatures that lurk in the dark and prefer to attack in groups. (Read More)

Eternals (Nightstorm Isle)[ | ]

Bral that, like Listeners, were evolved by consuming the light of the Ashen. They worship Riak. They prefer to hide in walls and wait in ambush. Those with staves and channel green energy are capable of healing allies.

Wildlife[ | ]

Corb[ | ]

Massive crab-like creatures that spit acid and have slam attacks.

Einar[ | ]

Hyena-like hounds as comfortable in dark as they are in light. In the Third Age of Light Lathyrians domesticated them for use as hunting animals. When the city fell they fled into the dark. Their light-sick brethren are capable of breathing a sickly fire.

Roamar[ | ]

Large, armored rhino-like creatures that disguise themselves as boulders. They frequently attack by kicking with their back legs.

Scag[ | ]

Acid-spitting arachnids that prefer to ambush players by dropping down from ceilings and tapping on walls to lure them.

Other[ | ]

Ashwraith[ | ]

Ghost-like entities capable of teleportation. They tend to lure players into ambushes and dark areas.

Forgone[ | ]

Though the Forgone appear undead at first, they are actually a fungus that clings to an animates the bones of the dead. They are usually pressed against walls, caked in ash and waiting in ambush. The Forgone are capable of absorbing the memories of those whose bones they grow on.

Passive[ | ]

Wildlife[ | ]

Diasora[ | ]

Colossal, flying, whale-like creatures. Though they are protective of their young, they are not very good at protecting their eggs; they often break or fall from the nest. The player rescues a captive Diasora pup from Garoran in Rod and Stone. It serves as a means of fast travel for the remainder of the game. Kol implies that it is fonder of the player than it is of its own mother.

Rafet[ | ]

Rabbit-like creatures that seem to make up the bulk of an einar's diet. The Trapper achievement requires that you kill one.

Squork[ | ]

Crow-like birds. The Squork achievement requires that you kill one.

Gallery[ | ]