The Crimson Gourd is a reusable Consumable Item in Ashen. It is a reward for completing Jokell's first side journey. It can be refilled by approaching any Ritual Stone or drinking from Wells of sap.

Its max charges can be increased by Jokell at his workbench. The amount of health restored can be increased by Eila at her workbench.


Swig Upgrades
Icon-stat-swigs.png Swigs Cost
3 N/A
4 Scoria.png 1,600
5 Scoria.png 2,700
6 Scoria.png 5,750
7 Scoria.png 11,750
8 Scoria.png 22,000
Potency Upgrades
Icon-stat-potency.png Potency Cost
Icon-stat-health.png 75 N/A
Icon-stat-health.png 104 Scoria.png 1,300
Icon-stat-health.png 133 Scoria.png 3,250
Icon-stat-health.png 162 Scoria.png 6,000
Icon-stat-health.png 191 Scoria.png 9,500
Icon-stat-health.png 220 Scoria.png 14,000
Icon-stat-health.png 249 Scoria.png 19,250
Icon-stat-health.png 278 Scoria.png 25,250
Icon-stat-health.png 307 Scoria.png 32,000
Icon-stat-health.png 336 Scoria.png 39,250
Icon-stat-health.png 365 Scoria.png 47,250


This Crimson Sap contained within this gourd had unique restorative proprieties. Now that the Ashen is reborn, the sap flows once more through Ritual Stones and other sacred vessels around the world.
"When you sip from the sap, you drink from very lifeblood of the Ashen." - Silaren
In-Game Description
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