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Guardian's Pact is a relic in Ashen.

  • Source: In the Diasora's nest.
  • Effect: The wings start broken; once enough damage has been sustained they become full.
    • Broken Wings - Scoria Gain +25%
    • Full Wings - Damage Reflection 30%

Wings sprout from the bearer's back, purifying their thoughts and ensuring more is gained from every opponent defeated. As they become a natural part of the body, the wings mend and provide a brutal surprise to attackers.
"Thread by thread, we weave this shroud of shadow together." - Sissna
In-Game Description


  • The effect states the following: "once enough damage has been sustained they become full." This is however misleading, damage is not relevant to unlocking the second stage of Gaurdian's Pact.
  • Once you meet Gefn for the second time, later in the game, the Broken Wings get transformed into Full Wings, even if you are not wearing the Gaurdian's Pact relic during your second confrontation.
  • The wings are repaired permanently. You cannot re-equip them to get the bonus Scoria gain once they have been repaired.