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The recombined Twin Heart of Lathyrus

(Left) Listener Heart of Lathyrus (Right) Human Heart of Lathyrus in the hands of the player

The heart was crafted long ago when Listener and Humanity were united in Hope.

It captured and focused The Ashen Light of the Great Ashen and allowed the Listeners and Humans to commune with it. When the Great Ashen died, Listener and humanity blamed each other. War raged and Darkness fell, beginning the Third Age.

Matriarch Amiren sundered the Heart of Lathyrus and took half as the Listener Heart of Lathyrus to protect her people leaving behind the Human Heart of Lathyrus.

With the help of the player, Gefn wished to rejoin both hearts using the power at the end of The Gnaw. The player can refuse Gefn and keep the pieces of the heart for themselves.

If given to Gefn, she believes that Amara will know how to find the Ashen.