King Omar

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"The Shadow of the Ashen still lives. No longer bathed in light, his corruption is complete." - Malik Khal

King Omar is the former ruler of Lathyrus. As the Shadow of the Ashen, he serves as the penultimate boss in Ashen.

Story[edit | edit source]

King Omar was the incumbent ruler of Lathyrus at the end of the third Age of Light. He became obsessed with the fading light; when Amiren sundered the Twin Hearts of Lathyrus, King Omar scavenged the Human Heart and hid it and himself away in his palace.

Amara was his daughter.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Shadow of the Ashen is a highly mobile boss. For the first half of the fight Amara will be helping you in addition to your normal partner. He has a very large cleaving radius and occasionally spins, so keep your distance and choose your moments. He can also cover a lot of ground very quickly, so always be ready to dodge even when he isn't focusing on you.
  • Shadow minions will spawn throughout the fight. You can choose to keep a distance from them and focus on the boss, but later stages of the fight can get a bit crowded if you take this route.
  • He will occasionally warp to the middle of the room and charge an attack that temporarily covers the center of the room in fire. He'll be inactive for a few seconds while the floor is still on fire, so if you're feeling brave and have health to spare you can use this chance to cross the fire and get a few free hits in.
  • At 50% he will remove Amara from the fight and become far more aggressive. He does not gain any new abilities.

Gallery[edit | edit source]