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Ashen - Nightstorm Isle
Nightstorm isle header.jpg
Annapurna Interactive
Unreal Engine
Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
December 9, 2019
Action role-playing

Nightstorm Isle is a DLC for Ashen. It was made available to all platforms on December 9, 2019.

The Plot[]

You catch up with the eccentric Kol on the Whispers coastline, ready for a voyage to Nightstorm Isle where there is a cryptic promise of rewards to be discovered.A friend unexpectedly crosses your path, asking for assistance with a desperate matter.

With a pressing and heartfelt mission in mind, you journey together among the vast and uninviting terrain of the Isle. Heading deep into territorial land, you are met with some of the most adaptive and reclusive Bral that you have encountered to date.

The story interwoven in Nightstorm Isle is one of hope, perseverance and determination. You will need to draw courage, empathy and compassion to triumph over this punishing environment and its relentless enemies.

Nightstorm Isle can be experienced at any point during Ashen. For those who enjoy lore, it is recommended to complete Jokell’s side journey “Birthright” before venturing into this DLC.