Ashen Wiki

Relics grant passive abilities to the player. They can be changed in Vagrant's Rest at the workbench nearest to the player Stash for 10,000 Scoria.

Gefn's Blessing Your Damage Resistance to a single hit builds up over time
Guardian's Pact Gives Wings. While Broken, you gain more Scoria per kill. Once full, you reflect a portion of your damage taken
Hearth A reminder of home that provides a thin barrier against despair
Orli's Fuse Your successful charged attacks cause a small explosion dealing bonus Damage and Stun
Ukkoto's Guile Orbs appear when striking enemies, dealing bonus damage based on your weapon. Orbs disappear when you are hit
Umbral Veil You can survive one killing blow... at a great cost
Riak's Mew (NI) Heals you for a portion of your Damage dealt.