Ritual Stone

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Ritual Stones act as Checkpoints. As Ashen is a Souls-like this is this games version of a Bonfire. The stone acts as a beacon from beyond deaths veil.

Bataran instructs the player that they must bind their Spirit to a Ritual Stone.

When Bataran's Spark is touched to a Ritual Stone Bataran can swing Bataran's Hammer to hit the stone and awaken it. that ritual stone once awoken and bind the player's spirit to it.

After the first Ritual Stone, subsequent Ritual Stones are automatically awoken whenever the player approaches them.

When A Ritual Stone has been awoken. A new town is founded.

After Rod and Stone the player will unlock the Diasora Pup, which allows for fast-travel between Ritual Stones

Ritual Stone Locations and Unlock Order[edit | edit source]

Vagrant's Rest
Sindre's View