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A talisman is a craftable item that you can equip up to four (4) at a time; however you do not keep it if you unequip it. Talismans come in a wide variety of different forms; such as health and stamina boosts to damage boosts and increased loot drop chances.

A list of Talismans:

Amity Your Damage Resistance increases over time while you have a companion closeby
Axung Hominis You gain a chance to harvest Axung Hominis from the people you kill
Balance You gain a Stun bonus while wielding a lantern
Double Swig Your Crimson Gourd's Swig capacity is increased
Drifter You gain bonus Health as you travel further away from Vagrant's Rest
Fierce Your charged attacks deal bonus Damage
Forager You gain a chance to collect an additional Crafting Material from defeated enemies
Fury You deal bonus Damage if your companion dies, until you rest at a Ritual Stone
Greater Constitution Your Stamina is increased greatly
Greater Vigor Your Health is increased greatly
Grit Your Damage Resistance is increased while you are pinned
Last Stand You deal bonus Damage the lower your Health is
Lesser Constitution Your Stamina is increased slightly
Lesser Vigor Your Health is increased slightly
Protector Your Stun is increased while your companion is in good health
Rampage You temporarily deal bonus Damage after killing an enemy
Rebound You gain a chance to retrieve spears from defeated enemies
Recluse You gain the ability to open doors reserved companions, on your own.
Rekindle Your Health is completely restored when you are rescued by a companion
Respite Your Stamina Regeneration is increased slightly
Robust Your armor Stamina Penalties are reduced
Second Wind Your Stamina Cost to Sprint is reduced
Seer Your Health regenerates slowly over time
Stalker Your footsteps no longer alert enemies
Steadfast Your Damage Resistance is increased while you are in good Health
Swift Your attacks cost less Stamina
Veiled You are more likely to Critically Hit when striking enemies