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Weapons table[]

The Weapons Table seems redundant:

The damage values are either impossible to add (because many weapons come upgraded at various levels) or impractical (if we standardize on the minimum asheninfused+3 for all weapons which is useless for new players).

I like the moveset descriptions: If we discuss to standardize them and add them all I'm in. But they might be best put to each weapon's respective page.

But without the damage values that I mentioned, it will look odd to just have the stun and crit chances on the table, as they'll look orphaned. So what could we do instead?

ALSO: How did you extract those high-definition all black icons? They must be special because I noticed that the Spears have no number on the top left, and I couldn't reproduce that. Could someone fill me in? Spairus (talk)

I made screenshots in the crab cave near the village at 1080p. Simply edited out the numbers. Tried an unpacker to extract the images from the data file, but it is no standard format.
I'm all for standardizing the weapons, as it makes it clear which are the more powerful weapons, and what the trade-offs are between damage and stamina usage.
The presence of the trade-off will still be clear to new players. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Potahtopotayto (talkcontribslogsblock log).
I found an easier way to do it after all: Just pick the weapon up and screenshot the top-left icon that appears after the glow dissipates. That way there is no number on the icon and no need to edit it.
I've found that there aren't really any "more powerful weapons". For example, the starting club and the toothed club differ little in dps when it comes to the light attack. What later weapons may do is have a more interesting moveset, like the above example where the heavy attack of the club is a regular swing, but the toothed club has a jumping attack that deals the highest damage of all. It's not more powerful, it's just different.
What I meant is we should standardize the moveset descriptions and add them to every weapon, but my point was that we cannot standardize on damage, except if we only show the Ash Infused +7 values. But what mainly makes the weapons different is the movesets so that's what I'd think is the only think worth comparing them against. And then things like the Halberd's different light attack animation can become obvious so players might seek them out to try them for themselves. Any other numerical differentiation is pretty much settled by understanding the differences between Blunt and Bladed weapons.
[next day thoughts]
Gilded Halberd and Earthsplitter were two of my favourite weapons. I didn't know why, until I compared all the numbers. The reason was, that their light attacks are the best in the game (compare earthsplitter light attack to Barbaric Axe, BA has half the speed but the same damage) but their heavy attacks are completely useless. In the meantime, you find BA in the first area and Praetorian Axe in the last area of the game, they both have the exact same (excellent) heavy attack. So yeah, you don't wait for something better in the late game, because the weapons are not really all that better.
BUT: Having a great, fast light attack with respectable stun is so much better than a good slow heavy attack. But that is just my opinion. Someone might want to make a charged heavy build, so then they just put the talismans on, and choose the best heavy attack in the game to go along with it, so Earthsplitter and GH are useless to them.
I think that such nuanced things like "Gilded Halberd's light attack is really strong" or "Toothed Club's strength is it's heavy attack animation" is something we can add as a comment to each weapon's ::"Notes" section and let it be it (just like the Dark Souls wiki does). The rest I think people can find for themselves. Besides, until they add some kind of pvp (which I highly doubt) or some DLC so that our fully built characters take on something more than just the final boss, all this is not even that important... All that matters is that if a new player visits here, they should be made aware that the later weapons are not the most powerful, and that they shouldn't think it's a risk to upgrade. It's easy to upgrade 3-5 weapons until the end, so they can try as many of them as they want. The game itself certainly doesn't make that clear to you. Spairus (talk) 21:37, 3 March 2019 (UTC)