Ashen Wiki

"It was when a single great Ashen flew down to rest upon her boughs that the light woke among the Realms" - Bataran

The Ashen are celestial phoenix-like creatures that soar through the cosmos. They are the primary source of light in the world of Ashen. Though they will infirm with age and die they, like a phoenix, are eventually reborn from their ashes. In this way they are immortal.

The Ashen[]

The Ashen whose body would serve as the foundation for Lathyrus landed on one of Yggdrasil's branches long before even the First Age, bringing light to the Tree of Worlds and its Nine Realms for the first time. When it began to weaken with age, it fell to the Plains of Darkness and breathed three dying breaths that would become the three ages of light.


  • They are said to have existed before the darkness.
  • Centuries pass in the span of a single breath of an Ashen.