Ashen Wiki

Trading in Ashen is initiated through dialogue with female villagers in Vagrant's Rest and travelers found across Lathyrus. All traders have the same wares, and an infinite supply of them.

List[ | ]

Item Name Cost Unlock
Apple Cricket Scoria350
Fire Kelp x1
Bean Grub Scoria250
Apple Cricket x1
Craven Remnant Scoria2,000
Fire Kelp Scoria150
White Sapote x1
Side Journey (Eila - Rod and Stone)
Large Scoria Stash Scoria12,000 Side Journey (Flokir - Destiny)
Lingonberry Scoria350
Bean Grub x1
Medium Scoria Stash Scoria3,000 Side Journey (Flokir - Cache)
Sapient Moss Scoria2,500
White Sapote x2
Fire Kelp x2
Side Journey (Eila - Tinker)
Sapient Root Scoria5,000
Sapient Moss x4
Side Journey (Flokir - Sister Mine)
Small Scoria Stash Scoria300 Side Journey (Jokell - Heritage)
Spear Head Scoria1,500
Speckled Mushroom Scoria250
Fire Kelp x1
Side Journey (Eila - Rod and Stone)
White Sapote Scoria50