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“Only a fool meets their enemy face to face.” - Ukkoto

Ukkoto Umberhand, Eater of the Light is one of the Elder Dark. and the first boss in Ashen.


Ukkoto displayed an unmatched capacity for quenching light. The only obviously active Elder Dark since the return of light, he intended to extinguish the Ashen's light. To this end he hunted Gefn who created a echo of Amara to serve as her protector.

He stole Sissna's cauldron, tore off one of Riak's talons, and broke Amara's lyre.


Ukkoto comes with a fairly standard set of melee attacks and lunges, but he moves fast and likes to hide in the dark. Don't stand still and don't try to go face to face with him. Choose your moments. Soulslike bosses are often battles of attrition.

Aside from his normal attacks and lunges he has three abilities:

  1. He will temporarily absorb the light from your lantern.
  2. He will crouch down and begin to glow, releasing a relatively small nova. This is his most damaging attack, but it's very clearly telegraphed and he gives you plenty of time to get away.
  3. He will run and crawl into one of the holes in the room. Shine the lantern on it until it charges up and he'll take some damage before jumping out.

There are two crimson sap wells in the room if you're low on swigs.