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Vagrant's Rest serves as the central hub in Ashen. Bataran guides Jokell and the player in settling there, beginning with activating its Ritual Stone. It is passively built as the player completes journeys.

Inhabitants[ | ]

  • Bataran - The light-sick Guardian to the fallen Ashen and possibly the last remaining ashsmith. He can upgrade your Weapons.
  • Jokell - A cursed man in search of his family. He can increase the maximum charges stored in your Crimson Gourd.
  • Amara - An echo of a Lathyrian Seer. She can bind Relics and Talismans to the player.
  • Vorsa - A hunter in search of a cure for Bataran. Can create Spears for you to throw.
  • Silaren - A Listener alchemist initially imprisoned by Amiren. She can create Potions.
  • Flokir - A tinker from a tribe in the Whispers. He can create brighter Lanterns for the player.
  • Eila - A fisherwoman from a tribe in the Whispers. She can increase the potency of your Crimson Gourd.

Points of Interest[ | ]

  • Barrel - A barrel on Eila's dock once it is built. Hopping in this barrel takes you to the top of the waterfall just South of Einarden Reach.
  • Storage Box - A 56 slot container located a few paces Southwest of the Ritual Stone.
  • Ritual Stone - The centerpiece of Vagrant's Rest.

Gallery[ | ]